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About the Owners

Linda D. Trimuel, J.D. 

    ~Co-Owner & Co-Provider

          Linda D. Trimuel has been a state-licened childcare provider since 1999; and, she was one of the first daycare homes to be licensed by the Village of Lynwood.  However, even before opening her first child care she'd often care for children other than her own which included weekend stays and other times when she was not at work.  She has a genuine concern for the physical, spiritual and intellectual well-being of each and every child she meets. 


          As a child herself, Linda was an over-achiever.  She was valedictorian of both her grade school and high school graduating classes.  And, as a senior in high school, she became the first black state president and first state president from Thornridge High School of the Distributive Education Clubs of America.  Linda attended DePaul University in Chicago where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications.  She received her Juris Doctor degree from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan.

Host of:
Talk Show

Brittany S. Burt

   ~Co-Owner & Co-Provider


              Brittany S. Burt has been a state-licened childcare provider since 2009; nonetheless, she has assisted with Linda's Personal Touch from the very beginning!  She loves to mentor and see the advancement and personal growth of young individuals. Brittany began teaching and mentoring young children at a young age herself, and has aided in the progression and double-grade promotion of many children's academic lives!  Brittany is also the teacher of our "LPT Gospel Crew!"  Brittany has always been a perfectionist.  She graduated from Seton Academy with a 4.2 GPA and is a former student of Columbia College and Valparaiso University.  At the tender age of 13, Brittany became an entrepreneur; launching "Creations by Brittany" a photo design company.


          Brittany is also a talented and hardworking talk show host, model, and actress experienced in broadcast.  

She currently freelances within the modeling, acting and broadcast fields (and hasdone so for a number of years). She has hosted local shows (in her home state of Illinois) such as “Diamond Lifestyle” and “Higher Learning Network”. Brittany has also been featured in "Echo" magazine!  


           A finalist in the Miss Illinois U.S.A. pageant, Brittany plans to give young individuals a voice and a platform that they can utilize to speak freely about the many issuses that they face on a regular basis.


Milton M. Burt, Jr.



            Milton Michael Burt, Jr., has been an entrepreneur since age 17. He is the marketing manager and 

transportation coordinator for Linda’s Personal Touch and Brittany’s Little Blessings. In addition, Milton serves as our nutritionist/health consultant, and works with families at Brittany’s Little Blessings and Linda’s Personal Touch to assist in finding appropriate solutions for a variety of illness and health issues.


           Milton is a solo artist, with a hit single released in the winter of 2014; and he became a Senior Consultant with Ambit Energy in 2015, with a growing team of more than 300 consultants.


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